A Leap Year occurs every four years. It's based on the scientific estimate that it actually takes our Earth 365 and 1/4 days to get around the sun. So every four years we add an extra day to the end of the month of February and that evens things up on a celestial scale.

As is the human custom anytime there is anything peculiar with the way the days fall together and how we name them that is cause for odd celebrations. Leap Day, February 29th is no exception.

The biggest tradition that I can find as it relates to the 29th of February is that on this day it is considered right and proper for a woman to propose marriage to a man. Instead of the more traditional woman telling the  man to propose marriage to her.  Based on personal observation most men will simple stared down a woman's blouse and not actually hear a word she is saying. We are pigs whether it's Leap Day or not.

It's such a big deal, this topsy turvy marriage proposal idea that there are things that must be done should the man say "no". According to legend a man must purchase the woman who asked  for his hand in marriage twelve pairs of gloves. That is so that she might have a pair of gloves for each month to cover her naked ring finger.

During the middle ages there were actually laws that governed this action. So a man had to choose between a soulmate for life or heading to the Ye Olde Walmart and Bloodletting plaza for a dozen pair of gloves.

So now you know this is more than an anomaly of the cosmos. This Leap Day thing has some serious consequences if you don't handle it with respect. Our suggestion if you're a man who has a lady that has been hinting at marriage you'd probably be better off leaving the country for today.