Just days after saying it would pursue misdemeanor charges against the woman who held a barbecue protest outside Mayor-President Josh Guillory's home, the 15th Judicial District Attorney's Office has now dropped those charges.

According to KATC, prosecutors dropped the disturbing the peace and obstruction of public passages charges against Tara Fogleman Laxey. In exchange, Laxey agreed to a one-year "stay away" order. Under the terms of that order, Laxey must remain at least 100 feet away from Guillory, his family, and his home. However, that order does not apply to Lafayette City Hall.

Laxey's protest came days after a Lafayette police officer shot and killed Trayford Pellerin. At the time, Laxey said the barbecue protest was designed to open dialogue with Guillory about race relations between police and the community, especially on the Northside of the city. Laxey's arrest led to other protesters holding a larger barbecue protest outside city hall before and during the following Tuesday's city and parish council meetings.

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