A spotlight has recently been shined upon the state of Louisiana, and not for the reasons we are usually used to. It seems that we are flagging behind in vaccinations against the coronavirus, and that is making some feel that we are moving backward in the fight against COVID-19.

This "delta variant" of the coronavirus has really thrown us for a loop, and the State Department of Health says, via KLFY that as of Thursday, July 29, 4,413 new COVID-19 cases have been reported, and the daily hospitalization number was 1,620. That's almost a hundred more than the day before, and a considerable jump up from our numbers in May and June. Not exactly the news we wanted to hear in our beautiful state.

But a judge in Baton Rouge thinks he has a solution to get the vaccination rate up in Louisiana. Judge Fred Crifasi says that as an option, vaccinations can be used as another way to fulfill community service requirements in his court. Vaccinations will not be mandated, but will for the time being be offered as an option. Judge Crifasi told the Associated Press, via KLFY that “Getting vaccinated is a service to the community. We are currently in a serious predicament in Louisiana. So, if a probation candidate is inclined to get vaccinated, I will grant credit for that effort towards any requirement of community service. The amount of hours varies and depends on the person’s circumstances. It is not a mandate. If a person is not inclined, they do not have to do it.”



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