A couple of weeks ago I was on my back patio when I realized my dog Kevin was growling at my feet. I thought he had gone bonkers until I noticed a deep orange-reddish wasp crawling by my foot. I had never seen a wasp quite like it, and turns out it was "Cow Killer Wasp".

Thankfully Kevin had my back because apparently the "Cow Killer Wasp" packs quite a wallop when it stings.

So what exactly is a "Cow Killer Wasp"? Can they really kill cows?

Technically it's called the Eastern Velvet Ant. No, it can't actually kill cows, but it's also not an ant either, although it crawls around on the ground like one.

Oh, and they scream. That's right. They scream.

They're called "Cow Killers" because their sting and venom are believed to be strong enough to kill a cow. They don't actively search for cows to kill, or at least we don't think so.



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