One of the best parts about summer is going on vacation, and the one place people love to go to is the beach. Whether it be Gulf Shores, Destin, or Maui, the beach is a great place to be during the hot, summer months. Everyone should know a couple of beach safety tips to stay safe on vacation.

If you are a parent, always keep a close, watchful eye on your children while they are playing on the shore. Small children don't understand the complexity and spontaneity of the ocean. Never, ever dive headfirst into the water to protect your neck. Also, keep an eye out for aquatic life. If you have ever been stung by a jellyfish you know how painful it can be, and if you have ever seen a shark movie, you know they are not very sweet. Marine life should always be respected. Thank goodness the American Red Cross has some awesome, safety tips for us to keep in mind!


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