Bear Grylls is known for living off the land, not for airline pre-flight safety messages. That could soon change because I see this kind of pre-flight instructional entertainment taking hold across the airline industry.

Let's face it, unless it is your first time to fly you really don't pay much attention to the flight attendants song and dance about tray tables, electronic devices and how to escape a burning aircraft. I usually use this time to swallow a handful of Dramamine so I won't have to use the air sickness bag later in the flight.

Air New Zealand has recognized that they have a captive audience and since nobody is going to get up and leave, why not give them something to remember. Since remembering safety instructions is a good thing I think they may be on to something.

I like the idea of using a guy who is known for drinking his own urine as a spokesman. None of us want to ever have to do that and if paying attention on the the taxi way can prevent me from that fate, I will gladly watch your pre-flight safety message.