We're just days away from Summer, and we'll all be looking for fun activities to keep our kids busy. How about a day trip to one of Louisiana's great lakes to get a little swimming in?

Lake Bruin
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Best Lakes for Swimming in Louisiana This Summer

We've got a lot of bodies of water in Louisiana. From bayous, lakes, to the Gulf of Mexico, we've got our pick when it comes time for a quick dip.

Let's take a look at some of the best lakes for you and the family to make a quick day trip and get your swim on.

You can find more great lakes to swim in over at a-z-animals.com.

1. Lake Bruin - Located in Lake Bruin State Park in Saint Joseph, Louisiana. Lake Bruin is about a 3-hour trip from Louisiana, the water is reported as being "crystal clear" and "immaculately clean".

You can learn more about Lake Brun at lastateparks.com.

Lake Bruin

2. Caddo Lake
- Located on the Texas/Louisiana border, it's not only great for swimming but is great for fishing as well. A-z-animals.com, you can "Take a dip in its refreshing waters at Earl G. Williamson Park or Caddo Lake State Park (located on the Texas side)."

Caddo Lake is 3 hours and 36 minutes from Lafayette.

You can learn more at texas.gov.

Caddo State Park
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3. Vernon Lake
- This 4,200-acre man-made lake in Vernon Parish is excellent for swimming and fishing.

Vernon Lake is around 2 hours and 17 minutes from Lafayette.

Learn more at lakebrowser.com.

Vernon Lake
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4. Caney Lake - Caney Lake, located in Jimmie Davis State Park, is excellent for swimming and fishing, but the area is also known for its fantastic bike riding trails and scenic views.

Caney Lake is about a 2-hour 17-minute trip from Lafayette.

Learn more at caneylakelife.com.

Jimmie Davis State Park
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5. Indian Creek Recreation Area -  Indian Creek is a fun, quick trip to take a dip.

Located in Rapides Parish, Indian Creek has a lot to offer and is only an hour and 15 minutes away from Lafayette.

From a-z-animals.com -

"The Indian Creek Recreation Area sprawls across Central Rapides Parish in Louisiana. It offers a 100-acre developed recreation zone, 250 acres of primitive camping, and a massive 2,250-acre Indian Creek Lake. Over 100 campsites, with water and electricity, exist within the recreation area."

Read more at ldaf.state.la.us.

Indian Creek Louisiana
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6. Lake Claiborne - According to lastateparks.com Lake Claiborne boasts "swimming, fishing, birding, boating of all kinds, waterskiing, camping, hiking" 

You'll also find great rental cabins.

Lake Claiborne is 4 hours and 20 minutes from Lafayette.

Read more at lastateparks.com.

Wikipedia.com Via Jeremey Allen
Wikipedia.com Via Jeremey Allen

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