Sarah Riggs from Iberia Parish claims New Iberia has a feral dog problem. More than 10 of her daughter's animals have been killed by a pack of feral dogs including a cat, chickens and rabbits.

Riggs tells KATC, "More than three-quarters of them were dead, just all dead." Riggs added, "The kid never cries and was sobbing. It was really hard to see her that upset. The rabbits were not just show rabbits, they were her babies."

Most of the attacks happened at night. The Riggs family erected a new fence hoping as added protection for their animals, but she says it has not helped.

One time they went under our house, they were bumping pipes, they pulled rabbits out from our backyard and killed two rabbits that way. The next time they came at three in the morning and knocked the fence down. Killed about all of my daughters' show rabbits and the chickens." -Sarah Riggs to KATC


Parish council members aren't immune to the attacks by these feral dogs either. Iberia Parish Councilman for District 7, Paul Landry, has had the same problem. The councilman, who lives near the Rigg's family home, says the dogs have attacked chickens in his yard as well.

According to The Devoted Barn, an animal rescue and rehabilitation facility, a feral dog is "a dog that has not had any interaction with humans for the majority of its life, especially during the critical puppy development phases." The facility explains, "one of the main characteristics of a feral dog is an extreme fear of humans.  They are afraid of humans because they don’t understand what humans are."

However, if you see a pack of stray dogs that you believe to be dangerous, call Iberia Parish Animal Control at (337) 364-6311.

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