If you’ve read Sean Payton's book or have followed his career over the years, you know that Sean Payton is undeniably a Bill Parcells guy. Payton tutored under Parcells while the legendary coach was running the show for the Dallas Cowboys, and since leaving the Cowboys and taking over as Saints’ head coach, Payton has on numerous occasions sought out advice and counsel from his coaching mentor.

In light of the 'Bounty Gate' scandal and the one year suspension levied against Payton, reports have surfaced that Payton has at least floated out the idea that Parcells may be a good candidate to take over as a one year interim head coach while Payton serves his suspension.

For Saints fans the possibility of Parcells taking over the head coaching job may sound like the perfect stopgap to save a season that at the moment seems doomed, but there are many variables standing in the way of the possible mentor/apprentice switch.

Payton is considering appealing his one year suspension. If Payton can succeed in getting his current suspension reduced to a point where coaching a few games at the end of the season becomes a possibility, then it is unlikely for the Saints to be interested in seeking a one year interim coach.

Another variable to consider is that if Parcells chooses to accept the interim head coaching position, he would have to wait an additional five years to be consider as a candidate for the NFL Hall of Fame. This may be a factor in the likely future first ballet Hall of Famer’s decision.

Payton has attributed much of his coaching philosophy to Parcells, so having Parcells step in may not be the monumental shift in the way the team is run on a daily basis that Saints fans are dreading, but for a coach that once famously stated, “If you want me to cook the dinner, let me buy the groceries,” it seems odd that he would be in favor of accepting the interim lame duck coaching roll.

At this point neither Payton nor Parcells have commented on the possibility of Parcells’ assuming the one year interim head coach roll, but the story will be something to keep an eye on as the Saints continue to navigate through the fallout of the ‘Bounty Gate’ scandal.


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