Legislation has been filed in the current session of the Louisiana legislature that could change the landscape of Louisiana's high-speed roadways. By high-speed roadways, I am referring to the interstate highways that crisscross our state and the other large multi-lane highways that have interstate-like speed limits.

The bill would propose that 18-wheeler traffic and other large trucks be required to travel at a maximum speed that would always be 10 miles per hour slower than the posted speed. For example, on the interstate, if the speed limit is 70 mph, the trucks would be limited to traveling at 60 mph.

I see why the legislator that has filed the bill feels as if this will be good legislation. Usually, a decrease in speed results in fewer crashes, especially fewer fatal crashes. However, what works on paper might not work in real life.

It is my experience and my opinion that on major thoroughfares and interstates it is usually the slower drivers that create the most dangerous situations. With freeway traffic traveling at 70 mph, there will be drivers traveling at 80 mph. With one segment of traffic having its speed reduced by ten mph that creates a 20 mph discrepancy in speed.

There will be more cars darting into the passing lane from behind slower trucks into the path of the maniacal speeders. This will create more road rage and more potential deadly situations.

I don't think it will work. I don't think it will pass. I am pretty sure the truckers lobby will have something to say about adding more time to their long haul operations. If you want to slow down traffic, slow down all traffic and then put a real bite into the traffic laws.

As of now traffic laws and many other citations are only enforced on the poor and the non-connected. Everyone else, including members of our state's legislature, have "immunity" through association. But that's a whole other subject for a whole other day.

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