Blake Shelton is just as interesting off stage as he is on stage. I'd like to think that Blake stepped out of the room when the Almighty was handing out maturity. I mean that in a good way. I don't think anybody has as much fun being Blake Shelton as Blake Shelton does.

In his latest video release, he enlists the aid of the Oak Ridge Boys. That in itself would be a great idea but when you consider the video that came out of the collaboration then you've just raised the bar.

Blake and The Oaks are cartoon characters. To be more precise they are country cartoon animals and they are just dang cool. The song is called Doin' It To Country Songs and the vibe of the video matches the song perfectly. I am pretty sure that Blake Shelton and The Oak Ridge Boys will need to make some room on the mantelpiece for yet another number one song.

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