Appearing on 'Saturday Night Live' is one of the biggest promotional coups any musician can score, especially in the coveted gig as host. The show mostly targets pop and rock audiences, but some country music fans have started an online campaign to get country's reigning couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, as the host and musical guest for an upcoming show.

A passionate group of fans have started a Facebook page appropriately titled "Blake Shelton as SNL HOST with Miranda Lambert as Musical Guest." Their mission statement seems clear enough: "If Facebook can get Betty White we sure as hell can get Blake and Miranda on SNL!" The caption refers to a successful Facebook petition that resulted in White's booking.

And while 'Saturday Night Live' doesn't usually cater much to country audiences, both Lambert and particularly Shelton have enough crossover appeal to pull it off. Her feisty brand of country is not limited to the genre's core audience, and Shelton's mainstream exposure from 'The Voice' and his recent Christmas special -- as well as his own innate wit and charm -- might make him a perfect candidate for a successful hosting gig. Oh yeah -- that whole "reigning Entertainer of the Year" thing probably wouldn't hurt his numbers, either.

So what do you think? Would you like to see country's First Couple on 'Saturday Night Live,' or would you rather they keep it country and not perform on the same show that routinely hosts rock and pop acts? If you want to join other fans in their cause, visit the newly-formed Facebook page and click "Like" to show your support!

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