The presence of bomb sniffing dogs on rooftops around the starting line at yesterday's Boston Marathon was part of a security exercise. At least that is what participants in yesterday's race were told. A runner from Mobile Alabama told his hometown TV station that he felt the alleged exercise looked to be a lot more serious to him.

Ali Stevenson, the cross country track coach at the University of Mobile, who participated in yesterday's ill fated event told a Mobile TV station that he had just crossed the finish line and was walking back up the route to meet up with his wife when the explosions occurred. His wife had been seated very near the location of the first explosion but thankfully had left that position to walk down toward the finish area to meet her husband.

Stevenson noted that there were announcements made by race officials before the start of the event that addressed the presences of security personnel on the rooftops. Race officials assured participants this was only part of a training exercise and should be no cause for alarm.