Is it just me or have seen more than our fair share of shark sightings, shark encounters, shark movies and now shark attacks this summer than ever before? Many of you have seen the images of sharks swimming close to the shore along the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast this Summer. Facebook has been sharing and spreading those stories and photos like wildfire.

Now comes word that a 7 year old boy swimming in Lake Pontchartrain was injured when he was attacked and bitten by a shark. According to the story first reported on  Trent Trentacosta was swimming with friends near his family's boat off Southshore Harbor. According to the boy's mother the child began to scream and when he was pulled from the water his foot was covered with blood.

He was taken by his family to an urgent care clinic where the wounds were cleaned and he was examined by a doctor. The doctor on call suggested that the injuries were very consistent with those one might see as a result of a shark bite.

A shark expert with the University of New Orleans examined photos of the boys wounds and he concurs that the injuries were most likely the result of a bite by a bull shark. Based upon the injury it is speculated that the shark may have been at least 5ft long. The young man who was attacked did tell investigators that he saw something move toward him moments before the injury occurred.

Bull sharks and other varieties of shark are not that uncommon in the brackish waters of Lake Pontchartrain. Experts say the larger sharks are usually not in the lake at this time of year but it is not unusual for sharks to be spotted in that body of water.