Kids say the darnedest things...and sometimes they sing cussword-filled songs in protest when you tell them they can't have any ice cream.

Kid Sings Cussword Song
TikTok Via hawtmess.mama

Kid Sings Cussword Song When He Can't Have Ice Cream

Apparently, this young toddler really wanted some ice cream.

The little boy's mom, Sydney, recently posted this video to TikTok and it quickly went viral.

According to Sydney, the little boy asked his dad if he could have some ice cream.

The answer was no, and that's when the kid grabbed his ukelele and poured his heart out in protest of being denied delicious ice cream.

Hearing her son singing in the living room, Sydney quickly grabbed her phone to take a video of the magic moment.

"Dad's a little s—tty. Dad's a little s—tty."

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Ya know, it's kind of hard to get mad at the little fella for cussing like a sailor's just such a heartfelt performance.

And, he used the bad word properly.

We're sure someone is already auto-tunning and remixing this song.

From -

"The mom was absolutely dying behind the camera. And when her boy John realized she was laughing, he started giggling too.

'POV: dad told you no to ice cream,' the mom wrote in the video's text overlay."

Obviously, there is a bad word in this video, so you might want to keep an eye out for the little ones.


@hawtmess.mama It’s the ukulele for me 😆 #son #fatherson #song #toddlermom #mom #parentingtips #parents #parentinghacks #dead #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - SIDNΣY

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