Last fall, Brad Paisley promised a terminally ill cancer patient named Lee Feldman that he'd play the man's custom made guitar on his next album.

Brad came through on his promise. The song is called "Officially Alive" and it's the last track on his new Wheelhouse CD.

"Towards the end of the record, I brought [the guitar] in the studio and set it in there.  And I went, 'I know the song for that'," said Brad in a recent interview. "[Lee] told me, he said, 'I want this to live on.' So we ended the record with it."

Unfortunately, Lee Feldman passed away in November, so he didn't get a chance to own a copy of the album, which came out last month.

A close friend of Lee's knows that he's heard the song. "Lee knows. He knows about this.  And I think he's sitting up there going, 'Yeah, I knew that he would do this.'"

***Check out the guitar solo at the end of the song in which Brad uses the guitar.***





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