A man who has an uncanny resemblance to fugitive Brian Laundrie has created a TikTok to let folks know that he's not the guy.

I can't think of another time when being a doppelganger came with this amount of inconvenience, but this Brian Laundrie look-alike has gone viral over the last couple of days, clocking millions of views and over 500,000 likes since Tuesday.

The man, who hasn't identified himself, is simply known as @notbrianlaundrie on TikTok where he uses the platform to ask people for tips on how to avoid any drama when it comes to people who will confuse him with the man being tracked down in the wake of Gabby Petito's highly publicized death.

In one of his first posts, @notbrianlaundrie appears side by side with a video clip that someone shared of him in a bar with a label saying that he was Brian "Laundry."

Here is the original video from @keithmintz

There are numerous other videos where he asks people for advice and tips on how he can avoid confrontation over the whole ordeal.

As humorous as this is for some, I can only imagine there is a real frustration that this guy is dealing with all because someone in a high-profile case is being sought out that just happens to look identical to him.

Something as simple as going to a wedding across the country has turned into an adventure for the man behind the @notbrianlaundrie account.

He documented the trek where numerous people mistook him for "the guy."

He even answered questions from people on TikTok.

As much as people are sharing the account, it really is the best thing that this guy could possibly do. Who knows, he may end up becoming more recognizable as the @notbrianlaundrie guy than he is confused for the actual fugitive Brian Laundrie.

At least he seems to have a sense of humor about it.

Either way, here is his TikTok. Let's just hope he doesn't run into Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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