Back in October, Lafayette City Marshall Brian Pope, who is suspended, was convicted of three counts of malfeasance in office and one count of perjury.

His sentencing on those charges was supposed to be today, but that did not happen.

The judge presiding over today's sentencing hearing heard the pleas of Pope's attorney that sentencing should be postponed until their acquittal motion can be heard according to KATC.

The sentencing hearing on these charges has now been scheduled for June 19, over the objections of the District Attorney's office.

Pope has been indicted several times. He faces 17 counts of malfeasance in office after the Attorney General's office told him not to use garnishment-fee payments for part of his salary.

In the latest indictment, Pope is facing two counts of malfeasance surrounding money the grand jury alleged was used to book conferences, then after reimbursement, was put into his personal account.


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