If you were looking for a reason to smile today, then this will be it. Two brothers in Ohio who raised a hog from birth, and recently sold it at auction, have really done something special. Austin Lettner, 14, and his younger brother Logan, sold their 230 lb hog Millhouse over the weekend at the Medina County Fair. Instead of keeping the cash for video games or treats, they decided ahead of time to donate the proceeds to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Although they only expected to make around $1,000, the word got out about their good deed, and the cash rolled in from supportive friends and neighbors during the auction. All in all, a total of $11,000 was raised, and the person with the highest bid donated the hog back to a local charity so that the meat can be used to feed the needy in the area. High five to this wonderful community, and these sweet boys, for doing such a wonderful deed for the kids at St Jude. Check out their story below, from People.


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