I grew up watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. It was the show with Marlin Perkins the gray haired wuss of the animal world. Marlin always stayed behind in the truck while Jim Fowler got out and wrestled with the hippo, lion, alligator, cheetah, or New York hot dog vendor. I always wanted to be Marlin. You got all the fun of messing with animals without having to actually put yourself in danger.

As you can see in this video filmed by Ms Janet in lobby of the Bruce Mikells Multi-Media Center, that I have achieved Marlin Perkins status. I stay in the background while my partner and far more expendable  staff member, Winky Dinky Dawg, also known as Rob from the weekend overnight show does all the dirty work.

Our target in this video is to capture a deadly animal that is attempting to set up a nest in the lobby of our building. With only limited information on the whereabouts of this deadly creature Winky Dinky Dawg and I go into capture mode armed with the latest animal catching technology.

WARNING- this video is not for the faint of heart, it contains actual footage of a wild animal being subdued and ultimately released into the wild. No animals or disc jockeys were injured during the making of this video. We encourage you to spay and neuter all family members who might show an interest in becoming radio  personalities.

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