Anybody who was anybody cool back in the '90s drank a Zima or two. And now we can all party as if it were 1999 because the infamous malt drink is returning!

The good folks at MillerCoors are bringing back Zima for a limited release beginning July 4th weekend.

"It was brought back because '90s inspiration is everywhere, from food to fashion, and more - it's clear the decade has made a comeback," MillerCoors spokesman Marty Maloney said. "That's why it's the perfect time for our very own '90s legend, Zima, to return for a limited time."

The clear malt beverage was huge in the early 1990s but sales fizzled out after an initially effective marketing campaign led many consumers to give it a taste...once.

It became the butt of many a late night show hosts and eventually was discontinued in 2008.

Enjoy this tasty, crisp drink while it lasts, because Maloney says "once it's gone, it's gone."

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