The Bucket List, it was a movie starring Jack Nicholson and now it's something that everyone seems to have. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do or try to do before you kick the bucket. For some people that might mean traveling to China or Paris or Tahiti. Other people have a different view of the bucket list, they want to bungee jump, sky dive or maybe ride a two thousand pound bull. Such was the case for  56 year Terry Hatfield, the public works director for the city of Huntsville Alabama. The item he wanted to cross of his bucket list, ride a bull. It almost worked out. According to the folks that were watching, everything was going fine until Julio, the bull, went a little nuts.

 The bull actually smashed Hatfield's legs against the holding pen and managed to break his arm too. For his trouble Mr. Hatfield has earned two broken ankles and a broken left arm and quite a story. Mr. Hatfield's doctors say the injuries should heal in about four to six weeks and he shouldn't suffer any long term affects from the injuries.

 I don't know exactly what to think of this story. There is a part of me that is cheering loudly for a man who is daring to live his dreams. There is also a part of me that is shaking my head saying if God had wanted us to ride bulls, he would have named us all Tuff Hedeman.

No wait change that, God would have named us all Bodacious! So what is on your bucket list? Is it travel, a death defying thrill, some unfinished business from your youth? Tell me about your bucket list! And from all of us here in South Louisiana, get well Mr. Hatfield, good luck on your next bucket list challenge