Remember when Anheuser-Busch introduced Bud Light Lime a few years back and it turned out to be a big hit? Well, apparently it was popular for a while and then over the last five years sales have dropped significantly.

Apparently, Bud Light is trying to catch lightning in a bottle again.

They've just rolled out Bud Light Orange and it's beginning to show up in stores across the country.

The big question is, "how does it taste?" The answers below are from people on the website

  • "It's honestly not terrible."
  • "More like a soda pop than a beer."
  • "It smells and tastes exactly like someone mixed Bud Light and Orange Fanta."
  • "Taste is artificial orange, corn, and citrus, but might not be too bad on a hot summer afternoon."

We guess there's only one way to find out for ourselves. Bottoms up!

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