Do you turn to celebrities for advice on relationships and marriage? I know when I want to know more about how to keep my dating life fresh I turn to Taylor Swift. She always has a new squeeze so there's never anytime for boredom.

Since I have been married for over 28 years  my wife has told me I can no longer date no matter how bored I get.

Do you know who Eva Mendes is? She is quite the famous lady from TV and movies and celebrity gossip shows. She has gone on record saying this about a very popular article of clothing. 

You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!

She made those comments to host A.J. Calloway on Extra!. She later recanted the comment by tweeting that it was a joke and she was actually wearing sweatpants at the time of her tweet. She is romantically linked  to Ryan Gosling who I am told is quite the catch. So maybe there is something to this sweatpants thing after all.

So that begs the question we must ask " Do Sweatpants Kill A Marriage"?

We went to our sources on the internet and found out some startling results. The people at Huffington Post found the idea to be absurd. Not because sweatpants aren't flattering or sexy but because Eva Mendes did not include men in her assumption of sweatpants killing a marriage.

Another web authority on relationships Your Tango suggested that it's not sweatpants that cause divorce, it's the people inside the sweatpants. Here's what they suggest 

Because I am a man I knew there was only one place that could give me the definitive answer on the question, " Do sweatpants cause divorce". So I dared to be brave enough to ask. "Does Victoria's Secret sell sweatpants"?

I think based on the findings from the people who provide our televisions with an annual night of people parading in their underwear we have found the answer. On a related note, women don't really care for Hawaiian Shirts on fat guys.


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