It's a phrase that's used a lot, "that scared me to death". Obviously if a person is alive to say it, much like an election year promise, it isn't true. But could it be? The promise, no way, the scared to death you bet.

The most likely occurrence of being scared to death comes from a sudden surge of adrenaline actually stopping the heart. Adrenaline is the stuff that pumps through your veins when your brain senses a situation that requires the fight or flight instinct to kick in. We all have that instinct, some of us have it stronger than others.

If you're woman you are more likely to be scared to death. It is estimated that 7% of women and 1% of men die from heart attacks that are brought on by an adrenaline burst to the heart from shock.

So there you go, it's not likely but it is possible to absolutely scare someone to death. So keep those crazy internet videos where the scary face pops up at the end to yourself. While many people won't die from that kind of fright a good number of us will soil ourselves and then be forced to die from embarrassment.

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