Bill Murray, the comedian, recently tweeted that he thought every Olympic event should include a regular person just for reference. Most of us cannot truly appreciate just how gifted and talented these athletes are. We see their skill measured against the skills of other finely tuned athletes and it warps our perception of just how incredible these human bodies have been trained to compete in their specific events.

While none of us could compete with an Olympian over the course of a full competition. How do you think you would compare in just the reaction time at the starting line. This site allows you to do just that. You have the chance to beat the Olympian at the start in bicycle racing, swimming, and track and field. You have to be careful not to jump the gun or you will be disqualified.

Do you think you can beat an Olympian? Let's see how you do. Be sure to leave us a comment on how well you did or didn't do. Needless to say we were left behind at the start by a lot.