She was one of the last holdouts on the 140-character social networking site, but even though Carrie Underwood finally joined Twitter about a month ago, she admits she’s still a little hesitant about it. From the moment she first tweeted “Hello Twitter World!” on Feb. 24, Underwood has used the site primarily to talk about the progress of her upcoming album ‘Blown Away,’ her most recent single ‘Good Girl,’ her surprise ’80s birthday party and the occasional post featuring her dogs or hockey playing husband Mike Fisher. But the songstress says the Twitterverse is not a place where she’s going to get too personal.

“I’ve always been intrigued by it but I’ve always been scared of it as well, she said recently (quotes via the Country Vibe). “And I think it’s important that I…I don’t know, you see people get themselves in trouble, so we definitely use it as a tool to be able to let people know what I’m up to.” For her, that’s what it is: a tool and no more.

“Where I keep the real personal stuff is on the fan club site, the blogs and things like that,” she dishes. “I don’t tweet like 23 times a day like some people do. I’ve had to think about who I’m going to follow because that person tweets too much and I don’t want to follow ‘em. It’s important to me to use it more as a tool.”

That’s not to say that Underwood, who recently covered SELF magazine for her fourth time, isn’t into giving out personal details at all; it’s just that she’s not going to be typing them into her phone for her 143,000 followers to see. In her SELF interview, the ‘Remind Me’ singer let readers in on a few of her beauty and workout tips, speaking to life as a vegetarian and opening up about her relationship with her husband. With an album in the works and a new music video on the web, you have to wonder how much time the blonde starlet would have for tweeting the inner workings of her life — even if she wanted to.

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