According to our sources at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries the COVID-19 pandemic has created a bit of a boom in fishing license renewals and requests. LDWF officials say they have seen a sharp uptick in requests for fishing licenses over the past 8 weeks.

It's almost as if Louisiana residents have suddenly developed a desire to get out of the house. Yes, that is sarcasm, thanks for noticing.

I believe many of our state's licensed fishermen and women will use those credentials to become a part of the CCA Louisiana Statewide Tournament and Angler's Rodeo. The CCA STAR event is set to begin Saturday May 23rd and will run through Labor Day which is September 7th at 5 pm.

CCA or the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana has been putting this event on for twenty-six years. The event is open to all types of anglers and it spans the entire Louisiana coast.

There are several different divisions and age groups for anglers might choose to participate in. There are also several hundred thousand dollars in prizes, cash, and merchandise that will be "paid out" to winners in those different divisions.

There are even special prizes for anglers that catch specially tagged fish during the tournament. CCA has released 100 tagged redfish this year and the prizes for landing one of those special fish are incredible. You could win a brand new Chevy Silverado or a new RV or a new boat. Who knew fishing could be this lucrative.

In order to enter the tournament you'll need to be a member of CCA and you can find out about how to do that by visiting the organizations website here. Good Luck! And safe fishing to you. I could only imagine how it would feel to be able to tell my buddies I caught a new truck while I was fishing. That's a fish story that could actually come true.


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