On Monday afternoon I saw the most inhumane thing I may have ever seen in my life. An older man was traveling near Carencro while dragging a dead goat from behind his truck.

When I initially saw this, I thought to myself, "I cannot be seeing this." Unfortunately, I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

An elderly man was indeed dragging this dead goat from behind his utility truck. Immediately, I started honking my horn and flashing my lights in hopes of getting this man's attention. As soon as I started to flash my lights, the man stopped his truck in the middle of the road.

I pulled around the truck and advised the man what he was dragging and he replied, "I know, I'm going bury it." I suggested that he pick-up the carcass and put it in the back of his truck, but he declined to do so.

I did notify police about this disturbing incident and I hope that they were able to locate this man. No animal, dead or alive, deserves this type treatment.

I was still bothered by this visual even hours after I saw the goat being dragged down the road. How could anyone think that there was nothing wrong with this?

Now that I think about it, I don't know what bothered me more, the dead goat being treated like this or the elderly man showing no remorse for dragging the animal. I only hope no small children had to witness this disturbing incident. Simply terrible.

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