I have been very blessed to travel quite a bit during my time on the planet. I like to visit places that aren't about a show or the glitz or some man made spectacle.  I like to visit places that make you stop and think. Christiania is such a place.

Most of us would describe Christiania as a neighborhood in the city of Copenhagen Denmark. It's kind of like a gated community in a way because there is a gate that you walk through. There is a sign on that gate that says " You are now Leaving the European Union". Christiania is it's own sovereign country, at least in the minds of those who inhabit the area.

The laws are laws of common sense and common good. There are merchants and vendors. There are coffee shops and places to buy clothing and yes you can smoke pot out in the open without fear of retribution if that's what you're into.

I won't say Christiania is a utopia. It's far from that but it is a place where each person matters. That person only matters as much as the next person though. There is no hierarchy, no social status, no king or queen, and no government. It's simple people living life as one.