Crowley Police need your help in identifying and bringing to justice the individual or individuals that are responsible for several acts of vandalism against churches in the city.

Police were first called to St. Theresa Catholic Church on October 11th after someone reportedly attempted to throw a brick through the front door. Yesterday, Wednesday, Crowley Police made another post to social media.

This post suggested that other churches had been victimized by, what we can only assume, are the same vandals that damaged St. Theresa's.

Criminal Damage to a Religious Building is a felony. And it's just not right if I can add my two cents in for good measure. Churches are houses of peace and places where people go to find redemption and rebirth. Cowardly acts such as this, in my opinion, should be punished to the full extent of the law.

If you have information on the person(s) responsible for these crimes please contact Crowley Police by dialing (337) 783-1234. You can remain anonymous if you choose and who knows, you might be eligible for a reward for your information.


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