There are so many things we can't control when it comes to flooding and severe weather, but this is one thing that could make a huge difference.

This one simple thing could literally be the difference between our homes flooding and staying dry during a rain event. One of the most simple ones hits close to home for me because I would routinely do this when I lived downtown.

I lived on a street that would flood every time we had a decent downpour, and the reason why is because the storm drain right in front of my house was always full of leaves, bar cups, and other random litter that finds its way to the streets of any downtown area.

Long story short, if I wanted to leave my one car driveway it was up to me to physically go out into the downpour and wade through floodwaters to removed the aforementioned debris (often with my bare hands) so that the water could drain.

What was always amazing is that an entire block of South Buchanan street would drain almost instantly. The water rushed so fast into the storm drain it literally looked like I could go white water rafting in it.

I say that to say chances are, the storm drains and culverts around your home and neighborhood are probably suffering from the same trash, yard waste, muck, etc. that clogs up our drains and makes it hard for water to move in the direction that it was intended to go.

Another harsh reality is that it's almost impossible for city and parish workers to be able to clean these out, let alone know the problems even exist in the first place. That's where we come in as good Samaritans and good neighbors.

I've already seen so many people post that they prepped for the upcoming storm by cleaning yard waste, raking leaves and cleaning out gutters and drains. Although weather can be unpredictable, it's always a good idea to handle up on the few things that we can control.

Who knows, it may be the difference between water seeping into you and your neighbors' homes, or worse. Be safe out there, stay dry, and good luck!

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