As the 2019 NFL season unofficially officially kicks off today (there was one game on Thursday), Cleveland Browns fans appear to be in midseason form.

The darlings of the offseason, lots of prognosticators are picking the Dawg Pound to have a playoff caliber season.

Their fans are not in playoff form however. Below is a live shot that local TV station Channel 19 News had this morning from the parking lot while fans were tailgating today before the Tennessee Titans - Cleveland Browns game.

It doesn't take much to figure out what just happened.

Why? Just why are you standing on a van??

Many folks were concerned obviously, and wanted to know how the man was doing.

Channel 19 released the following statement a short time ago:

19 News Sports Reporter Glenn Forbes later saw the man had a gash in his head, but was sitting up and responsive as EMS treated him on scene.

Forbes learned from Cleveland EMS crews that the man initially refused further treatment, but was eventually transported to the hospital in an ambulance after first responders advised he go.

The real question is, "did he make it back to the stadium in time for kickoff?"

Who knows. But, good luck with this whole breakout season Cleveland.

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