Ed Orgeron was not a happy camper during Alabama's 55-17 beatdown of his LSU Tigers.

Specifically, Coach O was not happy with the defensive effort from his team over the weekend, which all falls on the shoulders of LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini. After multiple touchdown grabs from Alabama WR Devonta Smith, Coach O went bonkers on Pelini, slamming his headset on the LSU sideline.

These poor defensive schemes are not new and have been a reoccurring theme throughout LSU's rough season. Like Coach O, Tiger fans don't give Pelini any slack when it comes to their criticism of his defensive schemes either.


Coach O was apparently fed up with his defense getting destroyed by Alabama’s offense and went off on defensive coordinator Bo Pelini on the sideline.

I don't know if I've ever seen Coach O this mad, but the internet also took notice and the memes were pretty lit.

At this point, I'd be surprised to see Pelini make it in Baton Rouge, but I think it's safe to say that LSU has a lot of problems that need fixing in addition to the growing pains that come with rebuilding a program.

In the meantime, this footage will forever live in viral internet sports history.

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