Last night there were a few high school football games played across the state of Louisiana. Some of those games were played right here along the I-10 corridor. Tonight, more games are on the schedule and fans will not only want to pack their school spirit for tonight, but they might also need some weather protection as well.

As you've probably guessed, the location of your game tonight will determine just how big of a deal the weather might be during the contest. As of now, forecasters are monitoring the progress of an approaching cold front that is supposed to bring a threat of rain and thunderstorms to the area this evening.

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The Storm Prediction Center is not forecasting any severe weather in Louisiana tonight with the passage of the front but we can't rule out a thunderstorm or two. The front will be approaching the state from the northwest during the day today.

So, if your team is making a road trip to a school along the I-20 corridor you will certainly want to plan differently than if your team was making a road trip over to the Baton Rouge area. Here's what you can expect.

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The cold front will push through the Shreveport area and much of the I-20 corridor during the middle of the day today. Behind the front will be much cooler temperatures and some gusty winds. So a game in north Louisiana won't likely require rain gear but might require a jacket to stay warm as temperatures will fall into the lower 60s throughout the course of the game.

Closer to home, along I-10 the front won't arrive until much later this evening. In fact, some games might be through before the actual frontal system passes. However, there will be rain and thunderstorms ahead of the front. That will be the bigger concern for games played in South Louisiana tonight.

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We are not seeing that much of an issue with the temperature dropping during the games in South Louisiana. Most of the "colder air" won't blow in until well after midnight and most of the game should be completed long before then.

Behind the front, it's going to be a beautiful weekend. It will certainly feel like football. I know a lot of LSU Tiger fans are hoping it "looks" like football on Saturday when LSU hosts the #20 ranked Florida Gators.

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