You don't have to be in Louisiana long to realize the relationship our state's residents have with the sport of college baseball. Naturally, LSU and their multitude of NCAA Championships lead the discussion but teams from U.L. Lafayette, Tulane, and other in-state schools swing a pretty good stick when it comes to supporting for the sport too.

The 2019 induction ceremonies for the National College Baseball Hall of Fame are scheduled for November 2nd at the Raisin' Canes River Center in the capital city. It's this event that has sports and political leaders talking with representatives of the Hall of Fame about making Baton Rouge the permanent home.

In 2006 when LSU legend Skip Bertman was enshrined the ceremonies took place in Lubbock Texas. Not exactly the first place that comes to mind when the sport of college baseball is mentioned but that's where it happened. And maybe because it was in Lubbock, (have you been there?), the College Baseball Foundation is looking for a new home.

I personally think Baton Rouge would be not only a great place for the College Baseball Hall of Fame, I think it's the only place that deserves it. Not only because of the triumphs of LSU but because of the close proximity of so many high caliber college baseball programs and traditions.

While the leadership of the College Baseball Foundation isn't making any promises or guarantees we can tell you that they are looking seriously at Baton Rouge for their new home. However, when they make that decision and where the Hall will eventually wind up are still on the table for discussion.





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