Imagine you've just filled up your SUV with "premium" fuel. You look at the gas pump and to see what the damage to your wallet will be. Now imagine instead of a card swipe that's going to cost you $40 or $50 how about a card swipe that's under.30 cents?

That's what happened for a few hours yesterday at a Baton Rouge convenience store. The fuel pumps at the Circle K on Highland Road near Starling either malfunctioned or received a bad bit of data because the price at the pump was shown to be less than .02 cents a gallon.

As you might imagine news of the ridiculous prices on fuel soon swept through social media like well, a fire at a gas station. One customer reportedly filled up his vehicle for under.30 cents and went home to get his other vehicle to fill it up too.

Unfortunately for that customer the management at the store had noticed the error and shut down the fuel pumps until the prices could be reset to what they should have been in the first place.

Granted fuel for two cents or less is incredibly cheap, the fact is that most of us aren't paying as much for gas as we have had to pay in year's past. The average price of fuel across the nation is about $2.40 a gallon. In Louisiana, according to AAA, the average price $2.08 a gallon. Although there are many stations in South Louisiana selling fuel for less than that.

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