Hey, look people, if we keep acting crazy the Pope won't ever want to return!

Bob Brady is a congressman from Pennsylvania, and he's Catholic. So after Pope Francis spoke to Congress on Thursday, he noticed that the Pope left his glass of water on the podium. He'd only taken three sips.

So Bob did what any upstanding politician would do, he stole the glass and took it to his office to take a sip. His wife took one too and so did two of his staff members.

He then invited a few members of Congress to dip their fingers into it. Yeah, not weird at all.

Then he put the rest in a bottle and says he's planning to use it to bless his grandchildren.

He says, quote, "How many people do you know that drank out of the same glass as the Pope?"

What's even kookier is that this isn't the first time that Brady has done something like this. He also took President Obama's water glass after his inauguration back in 2009.



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