Louisiana drivers who travel the public roadways without proper insurance might soon find themselves on a very disappointing version of Candid Camera. In that TV show, Candid Camera, a hidden camera was used to catch people in awkward and hilarious situations. In this version of "candid camera" the unblinking eye of the camera lens will snap an image of your license plate and automatically run it through the state system to see if that vehicle is properly insured.

Can you already hear the conspiracy theorist screaming loudly about lack of probable cause and "Big Brother"? Well it doesn't matter the program is perfectly legal and the go ahead to start using it is waiting for Governor Bobby Jindal's signature.

The idea is to outfit police units with plate readers that would snap an image of your license plate. This information would only be used for enforcement of Louisiana's uninsured motorist laws. There would also be stipulations for recovering stolen vehicles or the system could also be helpful during an Amber Alert.

Do you think this is going too far? Does the government have the right to operate this way or is it better to make sure uninsured motorists are not driving on our public roads? The time to speak up is now. This isn't a law yet but it could be very soon.


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