Corey Griffin, who is credited as one of the people who started the viral ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge", died of an apparent drowning over the weekend In Nantucket celebrating the campaign’s success.

Corey Griffin, a 27 year old from Nantucket Island was celebrating the success of the viral fundraising campaign after raising $100,000 for his friend Pete Frates.. He had just called his father, saying he was so happy he felt like he was "in paradise" and was "the happiest guy in the world". After he hung up the phone, reports say he dove into the water off of the Juice Guys building on Straight Wharf. After the jump, he floated to the surface. After that, he sunk and never resurfaced.

Corey Griffin helped start the Ice Bucket Challenge for his childhood friend Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago.

"Griffin is survived by two siblings and his parents, the Globe reported.

“I just can’t stress enough that he was the greatest best friend, brother, and son anyone could ask for,” one of Griffin’s childhood friends told the Globe. “He lived life to the fullest and everybody loved him. And every time he walked into a room, he put a smile on everybody’s face.”

Frates and Griffin were instrumental in bringing ALS to the national spotlight with the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” widely circulating on social media, in which participants either take a bucket of ice water to the head or donate $100 to ALS research."