I think we all enjoyed the ACM Awards the other night, it was a night of great fun and great music. We got to laugh a lot with Reba and Blake Shelton cracking wise in their own special way. However, at our house the question did come up, "I wonder if any of the stars like to hit the casinos?" My answer was of course yes! But what stars and what games do they play? We have the answers!

 --JOHN RICH takes his winnings and buys stuff.  Right away.  He said, quote, "I had a big win recently at the blackjack table.  And I have learned that if you win a bunch of money at the table, buy something with it."'Cause if you don't, you'll go put it back on the table and lose it.  So I went and bought me a Ford F-150 King Ranch pickup truck.  I love that truck."

JAKE OWEN says the important thing is to know when to walk away.  He explains, quote, "I like blackjack tables (and) I did pretty well last night.  I won a few hundred bucks.  I'll buy my mom something nice and take it back home to her."I learned a lesson last night.  When you win, you get up and walk away.  When you're up more money than you came in with, leave."

 DAVID NAIL takes his time, but still loses.  He says, quote, "I used to always be a roulette guy, 'cause it was a slow death.  You could play roulette and lose slowly."So I could validate in my mind that you lost 500 bucks, but you played for, like, six hours.  I tried to make it all work in my head."

It sounds like JUSTIN MOORE may be developing a little problem.  He said, quote, "I generally gamble a lot, but I've been working so much that I haven't placed one bet.  I play blackjack, but I did just learn how to roll the dice this year."Justin adds that he went into the "high-roller room" once with DARIUS RUCKER, quote, "I hung with him for two hands, but it was like $1,000 a hand."

CHRIS YOUNG has two favorite games.  He said, quote, "If I'm gonna bet just a large bet and then walk off, I play roulette.  If I wanna stand there and bet for a while, (then it's) craps.  I've never left down money.  It's pure luck."Once I won $3,600 off of one bet.  It was very late.  I reached in my pocket I had one black $100 chip.  I put it on 15.  I hit 15 and was like, 'I'm going to bed.'"

And then there's JOSH KELLEY.  He had a winning weekend, and then blew the cash on his wife.  He explains, quote, "I won $1,500 at a blackjack table yesterday.  After only playing for 15 minutes.  It's not my biggest win, but it's nice."I'm not that big of a gambler, 'cause I'm pretty tight with my cash.  But for some reason, I was on fire.  I bought my wife a really nice necklace."  (--Not that his wife couldn't buy her own jewelry.  Josh is married to KATHERINE HEIGL.)

This is what the stars told Country Music Television and we appreciate them sharing their answers with us.

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