A court hearing on Friday in DeRidder has brought a little more clarity to the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's race. The court ruled that candidate Joe Chappa can stay on the ballot and be an official candidate for the office of Sheriff in that parish.

A challenge to Chappa's residency was brought by a local newspaper among others that Chappa did not meet that requirement and was therefore not eligible to seek the office of Sheriff.

During the court hearing questions about driver's license, social media, even tax filing were discussed. Since neither party in the hearing was represented by legal counsel it was up to the judge to consider the case based on evidence.

In his ruling, Judge Kerry Anderson found that those questioning Chappa's residency did not meet the burden of proof necessary to remove him from the ballot. So Chappa's name along with John Gott, Mark Herford, Jim Jacobsen and Rob Moreland Sr will all be on the ballot when voters go to the polls October 12th.

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