Every year about the time the temperatures start to cool down and the hurricanes become less frequent in the Gulf we remind you that healthcare officials think getting a flu shot is a good idea. For the next few years, our reminder to you could also include a reminder to get a flu shot and an annual COVID-19 shot too.

That's what Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky told CNBC during an interview yesterday.

Johnson & Johnson is one of two coronavirus vaccine producers that are awaiting approval from the FDA. Currently, vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are being used. The plus side to the J&J vaccine appears to be that it is a one-dose jab, while the other vaccines require a second "booster" shot several weeks after the primary jab.

To get an annual COVID vaccine actually makes sense. Especially since the virus has demonstrated that it is already mutating. These annual vaccinations would allow researchers to tweak the current vaccines to better deal with the virus mutations.

There is certainly a precedent for that line of thinking since our annual flu shots are often tweaked every year ahead of the flu season to better combat the viruses that cause the flu and their constant mutations.

Many people have questioned the strength of the J&J jab after it didn't appear to be as strong as the two-dose vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. That, according to experts, appears to more of a perception than a reality. Johnson & Johnson points to differences in how the vaccines were tested for the perceived discrepancy in how effective the vaccines are.

The FDA panel is expected to meet and discuss the Johnson and Johnson request for emergency approval at their next meeting on February 26th.

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