Leading health experts suggest that one way we will eventually get past the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is through the development of a vaccine against the virus. Currently, there are several studies and several trials of different vaccines underway throughout the world. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy even suggested over the weekend that so much progress has been made against the disease that a vaccine could be ready for the general population later this year or most certainly the early weeks of 2021.

Centex Studies-Lake Charles is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. The study is seeking adults who are willing to participate in that study. Should you be chosen there will be no charge to you for the vaccine and you can be compensated for your time and travel as part of your participation.

The study is seeking individuals who have already been diagnosed with the disease and recovered as well as those who have not yet been exposed to the virus. Centex Studies operates four different locations across Texas and Louisiana. The process begins with you filling out a very brief questionnaire at the Centex Studies website. 

From there whether or not you'll be eligible for the COVID-19 study or another health-related study will be determined. The center is currently enrolling participants in COVID-19 vaccine studies, COVID-19 treatment studies, healthcare workers who are on the frontline with COVID-19, and other treatment aspects for the disease.

Participation is voluntary of course, however, your participation could help tip the scales in mankind's favor as we battle and eventually learn to control this particular virus. The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can return to what we would call normal. I think that's a place most of us would like to get back to sooner than later.

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