Craig Morgan turned to social media on Thursday (Sept. 12) to express his gratitude for his most recent viral No. 1 hit in memory of his late son Jerry, saying his son's "work on earth did not end with his passing."

The 55-year-old country singer turned to Instagram to share a message after his latest single, "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" reached No. 1 on iTunes' all-genre chart. The unusual feat happened after Blake Shelton personally intervened and sparked off an online campaign to get fans and other celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, involved in helping the song reach the top of the iTunes charts.

Morgan wrote the song in honor of Jerry, who died in a tubing accident in July of 2016 at the age of 19. He debuted it in an emotionally devastating performance at the Grand Ole Opry in July, and released it on Aug. 30 as his first new single in the three years since his son's death.

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Morgan expresses amazement at the support "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" has inspired in his post.

“Wow! I’m so completely humbled by all the support the world has shown this song,” he writes. “Blake Shelton. You are an awesome friend and champion for country music. We love ya, and I cannot thank you enough. The support the entire entertainment community and music fans have shown is a testament to the love that country music embodies. This song is a God thing. My hope is that it reaches all who need to hear it. My son Jerry’s work on earth did not end with his passing. THANK YOU, everyone.”

In a recent appearance on Fox & Friends' All-American Concert Series, Morgan told the hosts that the new song was "very tough to write. It's tough to perform. In fact, it wasn't my choice to do this. It just happened. I had a very dear friend tell me, 'You must sing this song.' An Opry member told me that."

Morgan revealed to People that Ricky Skaggs urged him to release the song to help other people. The song's lyrics state, "I know my boy ain't here, but he ain't gone."

"He might not physically be here, but his presence is felt," Morgan tells Fox & Friends.

"And he gives me little signs all the time," he adds. "His [sports] number was 13, and literally, here a while back, I got out of the truck and there was 13 cents laying on the ground at my door. That's a Biblical thing, and I feel it."

Blake Shelton tickets are still available to all of his shows still slated for 2019.

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