Every once in awhile a celebrity will is made public, and with it, a peek into some crazy instructions that have left for loved ones to deal with afterwards. I mean, we've all heard about people who leave millions of dollars to their pets, and cutting their kids out of any 'hand outs'. Ranker has found some really head scratching instructions in wills of the rich and famous, and I've included some of my favorites below. But be sure to check out the whole list, it's pretty eye-opening.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte. Left instructions for his head to be shaved, and his hair divided up among his friends
  • Leona Helmsley. The 'Queen of Mean' left $12 million to her Maltese dog Trouble.
  • Dusty Springfield. The 60's pop superstar wanted her cat Nicholas to 'be fed imported baby food, live in an indoor tree house, be sung to sleep at night with Dusty's old records, have his bed lined with Dusty's pillowcase and nightgown, and get married to a friend's female cat'. And yes, it all happened
  • Alexander McQueen. The designer left $75,000 to his dogs
  • Harry Houdini. Wanted his wife Bess to hold a seance every year on the anniversary of his death to try and make contact with him. They even had secret codes to make sure she would know it was really him.
  • Adam "MCA" Yauch. The Beastie Boy stipulated that his likeness or music never be used for advertising purposes after his death
  • Marilyn Monroe. Left all of her personal possessions to her acting coach, Lee Strassberg, who threw them in his basement. They were discovered after his own death.
  • William Shakespeare. Left his wife his 'second best bed'. Wonder what happened to the first??
  • Gene Rodenberry. The 'Star Trek' creator requested a burial in space. And it finally happened in 1997, when he was launched into the universe. His wife's remains also followed, when she passed away in 2009.
  • Fred Baur. The creator of the iconic Pringles can requested to be buried in one. His family complied, and had one made for him to spend eternity in.
  • John Bowman. In 1891 the Vermont socialite set up a trust of $50,000 so that a staff could cook a meal and set a table for his family every day after they passed away. Just in case they ever came back. (still waiting....)

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