Oh, Halloween, how I love you so. You allow me to indulge in my love of creepy things  without seeming like I'm a psycho crazy person! Thank you! OK, on to the latest fascination - haven't you ever wondered what and where are the creepiest places on Earth? I always think of abandoned amusement parks first, and then hospitals that have been left to wither and die. Would I visit one of those? Yes. And some of these places are even tourist attractions, which just proves my point that people will pay for anything - ha! Our friends at Thrillist have made it so much easier for us to find these scary tourist magnets this Halloween, though, and I'm completely fascinated! Check out some of their favorite spooky places below, and feel free to add in a few of your own to the comment section. Happy and spooky travels, ya'll!


The Catacombs, Paris, France

Siriraj Medical Museum, Bankok, Thailand

Akodessewa Fetish Market, Lome, Togo

Out of all of these, I think the one that creeps me out the most, and makes me shiver is the Island of the Dolls - you'd have to be a  crazy person to go visit that place at night! Just sayin'.





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