Cricket King Cake? That's like Buffalo Wings right? There's no real buffalo but there are real wings so in this case there are no real crickets but there is king cake right?


This is exactly what many of your worst nightmares could be made up of. Insects in your king cake and they were put there on purpose.  Leave it to the whimsical musings and imagination of the  Audubon Insectarium to create what sounds like a rather creepy concoction.

Crickets are actually a good source of protein. There are about 30 grams of protein in every pound of crickets and the insects are eaten and enjoyed all over the world. Just not so much here in Louisiana and not so much in our king cake, until now.

Those who have eaten roasted crickets maintain they have a flavor and texture similar to sunflower seeds. So, if you can eat with your eyes closed you might be able to get past the picture that your brain keeps showing you the longer we discuss this idea.

If you'd like to try a Cricket King Cake you can find one at the Audubon Insectarium. They make them from scratch every day. I guess they couldn't find a mix that included crickets. Some things are just better when they are homemade.


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