Earlier this year members of the congregation of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church were saddened to learn that their church home had been destroyed by a fire. In the subsequent weeks following that blaze arrests were made, money was raised, and it appeared that a new church home for the faithful would be rebuilt.

Fast forward to just a few days ago when an architect hired to help design and build the new Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church made this post on social media.

Stephen Juan Ortego's post on Facebook suggests that an important part of the new church, the cross from the burned remains of the old church, had gone missing.

According to the post, the cross that was salvaged from the ashes of the fire earlier this year was going to be an important focal point in the design of the new church. You could say, the cross was to be the conduit from the old to the new and now that important relic is no longer available.

Ortego's post is simply asking the individual or individuals who might have knowledge of the cross's whereabouts to come forward and return the item. Or, at least, let him know where he can send a crew to pick it up.


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