Feb. 14, 2013 

(10:45 p.m.) -- Fox News is reporting that the Carnival Triumph has arrived in Mobile, Alabama, and the passengers are disembarking. This is expected to last for the next four to five hours.

(3:48 p.m.) -- The snapped towline attached to the Carnival Triumph, which briefly left the ship "dead in the water", delayed the cruise ship's arrival to Mobile, Ala.

It's estimated Triumph will not reach Mobile for another seven to ten hours, according to a post on Carnival's Facebook page.

The company also announced that more provisions, including a generator, were delivered to Triumph via helicopter.

The Associated Press also reports the cruise ship has only one working elevator, which will complicate efforts to get the roughly four-thousand passengers on shore.

(2:13 p.m.) -- A U.S. Coast Guard official says the Carnival Triumph is once again moving after a towline attached to the vessel broke.

(1:41 p.m.) -- The U.S. Coast Guard says the Carnival Triumph cruise ship is now at a stop in the Gulf of Mexico because a towline attached to the ship has broken.

Petty Officer William Colclough says the ship will be "dead in the water" as the tugboat with the broken line is replaced with a useable vessel.

The ship was expected to dock in Mobile, Ala. late tonight before the towline broke. Triumph is being towed by four tugboats.

(7:25 a.m.) --The disabled Carnival Triumph cruise ship is expected to make landfall today in Mobile, Alabama. Fox8 News in New Orleans reports that Carnival has reserved 1,500 hotel rooms in New Orleans for stranded travelers.

Feb. 13, 2013

Five high school students at Notre Dame High in Crowley are among those stranded on board the Carnival Triumph as it limps its way back to Mobile, Ala.

Notre Dame High School Principal Cindy Istre says many prayers have been said this week and at Ash Wednesday services today for all of the people having to deal with deteriorating conditions on board the ship.  The five students from the school were on a trip along with the parents of two of the students.

Notre Dame High School Principal Cindy Istre tells KPEL News,

"I think they are okay, I mean there is limited contact is my understanding, but...the parents have had contact with them and I think they're fine.  I'm understanding that it is the parents plan (of the other three students) to drive to Mobile to meet the ship and get them...We are certainly concerned about their health and well-being. The entire school community is praying for them and their safe return."

Istre says the trip is not associated with Notre Dame.

A fire Sunday in the engine room has lead to tugboats having to push the vessel to Mobile, Ala. from the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Fox News, things are becoming more uncomfortable for the 4,000 passengers that are on the cruise ship. There's no running water, no operating toilets and passengers report the filth and stench are unimaginable.

Kim McKerreghan of Lufkin, Texas says the last time she spoke to her husband and her 10-year-old daughter, Allie, passengers were eating onion sandwiches and using bags to go to the bathroom.  The ability to communicate with shore has been spotty at best.


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